Awards, Press and Recognition

Since launching 2012 with the aim of diversifying the STEM industry, we have been recognised by a number of organisations below. This reflects the hard work and commitment of each of the YFYA stakeholders, volunteers and chaperones. Thank you to everyone involved!

The Importance of Diversity

Today, tomorrow and the future requires change at an accelerated rate across aspects of our lives.

The pandemic has shone a light on the science and healthcare industries. COVID-19 has called for there to be a rapid transformation of these sectors and has highlighted the significant role that diversity plays.

Diversity in science and healthcare goes far beyond language or geographical barriers but it requires an understanding and appreciation within a wider remit of protected characteristics, intersectionality and socio-economic disparities.

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UK Point of Light Award, 2018 No 10 Downing Street

In 2018 Your Future, Your Ambition was recognized by the UK Prime Minister and Founder Rashada Harry was presented with the UK’s 1026th Point of Light Award. In a personal letter the Prime Minister wrote “Your tireless commitment to increasing opportunities for future leaders from diverse backgrounds is changing the lives of thousands of young people. I wish you every success in the ‘Your Future Your Ambition’ event today and your ongoing work removing barriers and helping students achieve their potential in STEM industries.”

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Continuing to Inspire Young Minds

National Grid have been a keen supporter of the YFYA iniatitive since its inception and in 2017 published an internal article highlighting the commitment to inspiring the next generation of diverse engineers.

Talking about the event Akshay Rupani of National Grid said: “It was great to participate in this successful event and drive both the STEM and diversity agenda. I’m sure our involvement inspires young minds and contributes to making the next generation of diverse engineers.”

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Precious Awards: Winner Outstanding Social Enterprise

YFYA received the Precious Award for Social Enterprise of the Year award in 2015.

The PRECIOUS Awards are passionate about recognising success celebrating those women of colour in business and leadership, who demonstrate exceptional determination, innovation and entrepreneurial skills and talent.

“In 2012 Rashada co-founded (with Tunji Akintokun) formed Your Future, Your Ambition (YFYA) a social enterprise inspiring the next generation of diverse talent into Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) fields by showcasing diverse professionals already in STEM via a series of exhibitions, panel events and mentoring schemes.

In the last four years YFYA has engaged over 2000 young people (aged 7 – 23), introduced the students to “real role models” which include inspiring engineers and scientists. The young people that engage with the YFYA ambassadors have provided an overall satisfaction rating of 4.5/5.0 and 90% of the students stated after attending YFYA they would consider applying for a job in STEM.

The success of YFYA has been recognised by the Business in the Community initiative, Race for Opportunity for its efforts to improve and enhance the employability skills of young BAME people”.

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Winner of the “Positive Role Model Award for Age” at the National Diversity Awards

The National Diversity Awards honours the outstanding achievements of positive roles models, entrepreneurs and community organisations for excellence regardless of race, faith, religion, gender, identity, sexual orientation, age, disability and culture.

Co-Founder and Director Rashada was announced as a top 50 rising star in Technology with WeAreTheCity

The WATC Rising Star awards showcase the UK pipeline of female talent below management and create 50 role models across 10 different industries and professions.

‘Big Tick’ Award by Business in the Community (BITC)

A BITC ‘Big Tick’ is awarded to organisations who have demonstrated significant achievement in tackling key social or environmental issues.

Finalist of the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Leaders category at the Black British Business Awards

The Black British Business Awards recognises, rewards and celebrates exceptional performance and outstanding achievements of black people in businesses operating in Great Britain.

Huffington Post: Your Future, Your Ambition

“The initiative is the latest London-wide project enlisting…the support of at least 20 main corporate organisations to help shape the hearts and minds of society’s future leaders”.

“The event is important as it provides an important platform to inspire, engage and excite young schoolchildren about Science & Engineering, which may lead them to pursuing a STEM based career in the future. For the older students it provides opportunities, training, mentoring and coaching to guide their futures moving forward and equip them with some of the less obvious skills they may require in their adult lives. More importantly is that the schoolchildren and students can take some inspiration and encouragement by engaging with staff from the organisations taking part that come from similar ethnic and diverse backgrounds. It is a Win for organisations trying to attract diverse talent and a Win for young people being better connected to industry”. -Jenny Garrett, Huffington Post

East London Lines publication writes about YFYA director Rashada Harry shortlisted for the Black British Award in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics category

A woman from Thornton Heath has been nominated for a Black British Business Award in the Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics category, for her work on diversity.

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